About Us

Founded in 2002 by Shri Hari Devanath, Sri Paduka Academy of Classical Music enjoys the active support and blessings of Shri Neyveli R. Santhanagopalan. Affiliated to the internationally acclaimed Neyveli Gurukulam, Sri Paduka Academy symbolizes music as an expression of Bhakthi (devotion) and Bhava (emotion) through the indispensable combination of traditional Paadaantharam (musical ideology) and rigorous Saadhagam (disciplined practice). With an intimate family of highly committed students, parents and teachers, the school looks to celebrate the traditional divinity of Carnatic music as a performing art. The school strives to promote classical music to students and aspiring musicians in the USA while upholding the rich and traditional Neyveli Gurukulam BaaNi (artistic style).

The inherently traditional and rigorous in-class curriculum is reinforced with several other means of fun-learning including but not restricted to Sri Paduka teachers-led enrichment summer workshops, do-it-yourself exercises, co-student team-projects, self-led rhythmic and sahitya-interpretation research projects, lecture demonstrations performed by invited guests, topical lessons / special compositions offered by professional musicians & other experts.

This comprehensive curriculum not only provides the rigor and strong foundation necessary for students to grow further but also sustains their interest levels to pursue this art form that subjects one to a life-time of learning. Our students find ample opportunities to practice individually and in groups, perform in public forums and festivals, and learn beyond the curriculum. We firmly believe that musical expression starts with a curriculum and continues as an extension of the individual’s personality!


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