Vivek Sundararaman

Sri. Vivek Sundararaman is a disciple of Sangeetha Ratnakara Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan. With his rich voice and aesthetically evolved tastes, Vivek strives to learn, present, and teach only the best music! His initial training and musical foundation was laid in Chennai under the tutelage of Shri Sethurama Iyer, a disciple of Madurai Mani Iyer. Vivek considers himself fortunate to be part of traditionally rich and bhava-filled paataantharam of Neyveli sir. Several of his students have presented full-fledged concerts and won accolades at festivals and competitions.

Vivek’s uncompromising teaching approach and unbounded support for his students make him a highly valuable and admired teacher and an inevitable inspiration for his students. Vivek’s unflinching passion for excellence is a key inspiration for Sri Paduka Academy’s sustained thirst for excellence and growth. His deep knowledge and well-rounded aesthetic sense are the main ingredient to Sri Paduka Academy’s continued growth and success!