Hari Devanath

As one of the prime disciples of Sangeetha Ratnakara Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan, Hari has not only been groomed in the traditional and rich paataantharam but also continues to imbibe best practices of performing and teaching this advanced art. As an apprentice teacher in his teens, Hari enjoyed teaching junior students of Neyveli Sir. This sowed the seed for Hari to teach several students later. Today, he has earned a unique identity and is one of the most sought-after teachers today, especially for young and curious minds.

Through Sri Paduka Academy, which he founded and Acharya Ratnakara Guru Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan inaugurated in 2002, he has inspired several students to pursue their passion for Carnatic music. He aims to grow the rasika in each of his students.

Performance is a desirable byproduct that everyone enjoys! Along with Vivek and other Neyveli Gurukulam teachers, Hari has formalized several unique learning and voice techniques. These techniques have developed several students to not only perform short concerts on their own, but also appreciate the nuances and subtleties, theoretical structure & complexity, and the rich heritage that our academic learning is built on today. Hari has the blessing of close associations with many senior performers and teachers in India and in the bay area – this has helped Hari continue to grow in learning, teaching, performing and appreciating this deep art form.