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Our Philosophy

Given the depth of any art, we believe sustenance comes from starting early and starting with foundational learning. Of course, its always a balance of work and fun that gets us there! ​


Sustain passion to life-long learning
Promote skills, context and enthusiasm for life-long learning​


Structured learning​
Demystification through concepts and terminology​
Improve tangible learning​
Perceive intangibles through listening over time
Practice to perform to practice
Balance aspiration with individual milestones


Uncompromising pATAntharam
Summer Enrichment workshops
DIY exercises, co-student team-projects
Self-led rhythmic & sahityam projects
Lecture demonstrations by invited guests
Topical / special lessons by experts​

A Typical School Year


Enrichment workshops per student


Hours of community interaction


Teaching & Learning programs


Classes per student


Student performances


Singing hours per student

Our Classes

About School

Founded in 2002 by Sri. Hari Devanath, Sri Paduka Academy of Classical Music enjoys the active support and blessings of Acharya Ratnakara Neyveli Sri. R. Santhanagopalan.

With strong ties to the internationally acclaimed Neyveli Gurukulam, Sri Paduka Academy symbolizes music as an expression of Bhakthi (devotion) and Bhava (emotion) through the indispensable combination of traditional Paataantharam (musical ideology) and rigorous Saadhagam (disciplined practice).

Student Activities

Concert Attendance

Attend traditional concerts by well-known musicians

Why? Developing the listening habit - this is the key to long-term learning

Cross Collaboration

Collaborating with students of instrumental music

Why? Life-long buddies with common interests motivate and challenge each other

Class Socials

Organized by parents

Why? Make learning music fun and music cool!

Community Festivals

Celebrate our cultural festivals with all our community musicians and student members

Why? Music is about celebration and sharing as much as it is about the individual!

Our Media

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Since Inception


Arangetram Graduation concerts


Students mostly life-long


Performing Artist-ledworkshops


Summer enrichment workshops


Student performances


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