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The Musicians

Sri Hari Devanath and Sri Vivek Sundararaman are well-known, respected, and sought-after musicians in the Bay Area musical community. In addition to being sought after for concerts outside California, the duo have performed together in several Bay Area festivals and house concerts. Hari and Vivek are acclaimed for their authentic rendition of traditional pieces, choice of rare concert pieces that are not only entertaining but also educative, and their on-stage chemistry and manodharmam. The traditionally rich and bhava-filled patantharam of their Guru, Neyveli Sri Santhanagopalan, fuels their passion for this art form. This passion has inspired Hari and Vivek to perform as a team for many years now. Their engaging style makes their concerts attractive to students and connoisseurs alike. Several thematic projects that they have worked on have been well-received. 

Sample concerts: